Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sooooo if you are an avid 'blog follower', you know this by now!  First of all, I would like to spread the 'blog blame' around so I don't have to admit IIIIII stink at blogging!!  ;0    My dear sweet husband (blame #1)

STARTED the blog........which I thought was a GREAT idea.  And, since I do LOVE to write, I thought it 'might' get me past my writing negligence.......which I have suffered from since we began parenting re-cycle!  (blame #2.....if you can't blame anyone else, you can ALWAYS blame the kids, right? :) 


So, while I try to make myself feel better by making excuses, I ALWAYS dream about the day I will have time to sit down and write again.  I'm not sure today is that day but I have come up with a bright idea today that put keyboard in hand.

I WILL attempt to share some random thoughts from China......

 posted outside the panda exhibit at the zoo they occur or as I think of them.  Hope you enjoy!

Denise :)

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