Sunday, October 9, 2011

All that was left….

...... was a black cardboard box full of cardstock……….that said ‘Cross’.

We just returned from a few days in Hong Kong.  As Steve prepared to get his computer out of his backpack he pulled out a black box.  Puzzled, he asked me what it was.  I said I had no idea but it must’ve been something we accidentally picked up from the place we were staying (a Christian retreat center).  Upon further examination it did indeed have the word ‘Cross’ all over the cardstock and I was sure it was something that had been mistakenly inserted into his backpack.

So, he continued to get his computer out.  Unfortunately, there was NO COMPUTER to retrieve!  It had already been retrieved!  We could not even fathom that was what had happened until Sara, our friend, informed us that recently another guy we knew had a similar experience.  The thieves had taken his computer out and slipped a heavy object into its place, in order to not draw attention to the bag being lighter.  WHAAAAAAAAAAT?????????  This is a new one on us!   

We spent the next little while trying to retrace our steps.  Sure enough, there was a guy on the bus who ‘offered’ to put Steve’s bag up in the bin above our seats.   With the three of us sitting right there we never even entertained the idea the guy would get into the bag!   Obviously, he was pretty slick!  He had also offered to put Brittany’s up.  Thankfully, I encouraged her to keep hers in the seat beside her.  Otherwise, we are pretty sure we would be missing TWO computers right now!

Although we know our city has a bit of a problem with pickpockets and thieves, we just never think of it happening to us!  Since my bag was stolen, from right beside me, a few months ago, we have been extra careful.  I guess today……we just weren’t careful enough!

And, so, we determine……we WILL count it all joy when we fall into various trials!  And, be thankful that:
·         Britt’s computer did not get stolen
·         they did not harm us
·         a computer can be replaced
·         those thieves did not get the ‘plug-in’ cord.  Steve’s computer won’t even start up without that!  :0  (of course, in their line of work I’m sure that’s a minor problem) 

In the end we have decided to heed Sara's advice when she asked the question .........'Denise, we are suppose to love those who do us wrong, right?'   ;-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

We want you to meet SHERRY!

We want to take a moment to introduce you to someone VERY special! Sherry has been the translator in our worship services for over 3 years! She loves the Lord and is such a blessing to Dee and me and to our work here! Now the exciting NEWS! She will be in our home town , Dickson, TN for a whole week beginning this Saturday Oct. 8th!!! If you live in the area, we hope you have an opportunity meet her!