Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hannah came to us in June, 2010, not able to speak 'a lick' of English!  Through time and trial she has really picked up the habit.  :)  What has amazed us the most is her ability to use the English language the way 'she wants' to use it........not necessarily the way the rest of the world uses it!  ;0

For example.........

just the other day Hannah comes loudly knocking on my bedroom door.........

"Mommy!  Mommy! Ai yi say how many clocks we eat?"  

As I was trying to get ready for lunch, and couldn't understand a 'cotton-pickin' thing she said, I replied,
To which she repeated,
"Ai yi say how many clocks we eat?"

And, we repeated this scenario a few more times.  After about the third round, I FINNNNALLY figured out her Chinglish!  (The foreigner's word around here for Chinese people who 'attempt' English but don't quite hit the mark. :)

I started putting 2 and 2 together..........
  • Ai yi  = cook 
  • clocks = time  
  • eat = lunch
I GOT IT...........

Ai yi wants to know what time we want to eat lunch!  

Of course......CLEAR AS MUD!!!  :) 

If that didn't provide us with enough Chinglish amusement this week, Hannah came up with another one before the week was out.

She came bursting into the bedroom yesterday.........."Daddy, daddy, I need a battery!"  Steve says, "You need what?".  Hannah says, "I need a battery!"  "What do you need a battery for?"  Hannah points to a scrape on her face "Look, Daddy, I hurt my face!  I need a battery!"  

they're all the same to us!  

So......we decided to teach her a lesson in English, handed her a battery and told her to stick it on her face!  :)  just kidding!

Finally, tonight Nate was sleeping and the girls were bored.  Then, I had a GREAT idea!  I said, "Hey, I'll give you girls 5 yuan EACH to give me a foot massage!"  Hannah got SOOOOO EXCITED!!  She said, " YEAH!  YEAH! 5 YUAN FOR FOOT MASSAGE, ELLIE!"  then, immediately, "What's a foot massage, Mommy?"  ;0

Y A    G O T T A    L O V E    H A N N A H !!!

That girl is too much for words..........for English words, anyway!  ;0

Friday, January 21, 2011


    Happy New Year! The new year celebration here in China is right around the corner! The official day THIS year February 2nd. The date changes from year to year because it is tied to the Lunar calendar, which I still haven't totally figured out! :) But, it is definitely the most important holiday of the year, and the Chinese do it up BIG!!!!  

Kids are out of school for a month, many factories and other businesses close down for 2-3 weeks and the workers travel back to their hometowns to visit their families. Many travel by train and it is very common for the trip to take 20 or even 30 hours! And the trains are PACKED FULL of people and their bags with barely room to move. In 2008, around 500,000 people were stranded in the Guangzhou Train Station because of heavy snows in the north knocked out power and delayed or even stopped train service. Many never made the visit home that year. Hopefully, this year will be different and people can make that much anticipated trip  home!

There will be many elaborate decorations all around the city along with some special programs and performances. Another thing that is a major part of the new year celebration is the FIREWORKS ... a month of continuous FIREWORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now where did I put those earplugs!!??  :)

Many in our fellowship will be traveling for the holiday, please keep them in your prayers. We will have services as usual for those who will be staying around so please remember us too! We will be sending another post or two during the holiday and include some photos so drop by and check us out!!!!

Steve and Dee

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Ray of Sunshine

Her name is Chen Cheng but around here folks just call her "Sunshine".  (Actually, Sunshine is her 'English' name. :)  One thing is for certain, even though “Sunshine” may seem a little unusual to you as a name, it fits her to a ‘T’ !!!!

Sunshine is one of the English teachers who works for our Chinese friend, Angel.  Many of you met Angel last May when she came with us from China to the U.S.  Many of you also know that Angel trusted the Lord while there!  Since returning to China, Angel has had a deep desire for others to know the Lord, too; which is one reason I’m telling you Sunshine’s story today! 

Beginning about four months ago Angel allowed me to have a Bible study every week with a group of teachers that work for her.  She said it was ok to have the study during the group’s workday.  Now, understand, this was not something being forced on this group of teachers by their employer.  They actually were very interested in doing the study!  So, we began ....and it was evident from the start they were searching....

... searching for clear answers, 
... searching for something genuine, 
... searching for hope!

For some, it seems they’re longing for the love and peace of knowing God but are still full of uncertainty and full of questions.   I tell them God is not afraid of their questions, in fact, He welcomes them because He has the answers!

Sunshine was especially full of questions and seemed even a little skeptical at first.  But, as time went by, she began to soften. Then, just this past week, it seemed urgency gripped her!  Yesterday, at the end of the study, she said she wanted to talk to me about becoming a Christian.  After speaking with her further, I explained that she simply needed to talk to God in her own words and invite Him to come into her life… and with tear-filled eyes, she did!!!  And, with tear-filled eyes, ...... I am sharing with you today. 

In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence 
of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.  
Luke 15:10

Glory to God, I wish you could have been there! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have to say as I look over this blog spot tonight I am QUITE impressed with my husband, the blogger!  :)  In previous days I was the 'official' family writer.

Those were the days before ....





and before....

(in order as we received them :)

I'm not sure why I had time to write back then but I'm pretty sure why I DON'T have time to write now!  :)  :)  :)  :)  
(I know some of you, my dear, DEAR friends would throw the '50 factor' in! :)

I just want to say.....God has been so good to the Allens in China!  We have been blessed beyond measure!  We praised Him as we said goodbye to 2010 and we are praising Him as we welcome 2011!

Please pray with our family as we seek Him for the following miracles this year:
      L e s l i e ' s   s a l v a t i o n
           H e l e n ' s   s a l v a t i o n  (Leslie's orphan friend who also stays with us wknds/holidays)
                N a t h a n ' s   a d o p t i o n

We continue to thank God ...
  • for the privilege of serving Him in this land where we still meet someone EVERY WEEK who has NEVER heard the name Jesus or touched a Bible.
  • for the privilege of opening the pages of this precious Book and sharing the love of our Savior.  
  • for the receptive hearts that are so open to The Good News!  
  • for our precious people who continue telling their friends and families about 'The God' and inviting them to GO to hear for themselves. 
  • for these precious PRECIOUS children who bless our home with love and laughter.
  • for our precious PRECIOUS children back home who bless our hearts with memories, encouragement and love.
 We've got SO MUCH to thank Him for!

 from my heart,
Dee :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blessings to You and Yours in 2011

As we said in recent post, it's hard to believe another year is past! But, here we are starin' at 2011 like a calf at a new gate! Some of you may get that later, but anyway, we are SOOOO excited about what the LORD has done in 2010 and looking forward to what He will yet do!!!!!!
We have been so blessed to see the growth in HIS people here! They are stepping up to the plate and taking more and more responsibility in the church and in their service for the Lord! I wish all of you could be here and witness it for yourself!!