Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hannah came to us in June, 2010, not able to speak 'a lick' of English!  Through time and trial she has really picked up the habit.  :)  What has amazed us the most is her ability to use the English language the way 'she wants' to use it........not necessarily the way the rest of the world uses it!  ;0

For example.........

just the other day Hannah comes loudly knocking on my bedroom door.........

"Mommy!  Mommy! Ai yi say how many clocks we eat?"  

As I was trying to get ready for lunch, and couldn't understand a 'cotton-pickin' thing she said, I replied,
To which she repeated,
"Ai yi say how many clocks we eat?"

And, we repeated this scenario a few more times.  After about the third round, I FINNNNALLY figured out her Chinglish!  (The foreigner's word around here for Chinese people who 'attempt' English but don't quite hit the mark. :)

I started putting 2 and 2 together..........
  • Ai yi  = cook 
  • clocks = time  
  • eat = lunch
I GOT IT...........

Ai yi wants to know what time we want to eat lunch!  

Of course......CLEAR AS MUD!!!  :) 

If that didn't provide us with enough Chinglish amusement this week, Hannah came up with another one before the week was out.

She came bursting into the bedroom yesterday.........."Daddy, daddy, I need a battery!"  Steve says, "You need what?".  Hannah says, "I need a battery!"  "What do you need a battery for?"  Hannah points to a scrape on her face "Look, Daddy, I hurt my face!  I need a battery!"  

they're all the same to us!  

So......we decided to teach her a lesson in English, handed her a battery and told her to stick it on her face!  :)  just kidding!

Finally, tonight Nate was sleeping and the girls were bored.  Then, I had a GREAT idea!  I said, "Hey, I'll give you girls 5 yuan EACH to give me a foot massage!"  Hannah got SOOOOO EXCITED!!  She said, " YEAH!  YEAH! 5 YUAN FOR FOOT MASSAGE, ELLIE!"  then, immediately, "What's a foot massage, Mommy?"  ;0

Y A    G O T T A    L O V E    H A N N A H !!!

That girl is too much for words..........for English words, anyway!  ;0

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  1. HaHa! How cute! I know you are really enjoying yourself with those little ones!
    We're praying for you guys. PTL for His answers to prayers recently!