Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letter to Leslie

A Special Day

Do you remember?  I DO!  :)

Two years ago, TODAY, we met a verrrrrrrrrrrrry special girl.  This girl was so shy!  I remember for the whole weekend it seemed she held on to Kara and wouldn't let go!  ;0  She kept her head down most of the time, seemingly embarrassed to look into my eyes.  She was sooooo quiet and sooooo afraid to speak for fear her English was so bad!  This special girl was Li Mei, an orphan from Guangzhou, China.

Who would've ever thought that 'this special girl' would become 'OUR girl'?!  I never dreamed it would happen.......but it did!  In less than 2 years we had totally fallen in love with this orphan girl and KNEW that we WANTED her to have a FOREVER family........OUR FAMILY! 

Now, there is no more orphan girl.  There is no more shy girl.  There is no more embarrassed girl.  There is no girl 'clinging' to Kara.  Now, there is LESLIE!  Leslie Denise Allen......OUR GIRL!!  A girl who is soooooooo outgoing!  A girl who is soooo funny!  A girl who is quite confident and able to face anyone!  A girl who only clings to the mother and father she has received from God above.  This is OUR girl.....Leslie Denise Allen!  So much has changed in two years!  It's really hard to believe!  We are so blessed by this precious gift from God.......Leslie, OUR girl.

Thank You, God, for blessing our family with Leslie.  Thank You for saving her 'just for us'!  Thank You for saving her soul!  Thank You for sending Jenny to Guangzhou to find her and introduce her to us.  Thank You for protecting her for these many years until she could finally 'come home'.  We love Leslie and we love You, God.

A blessed mother and father we are,
Denise & Steve Allen,
the proud parents of Leslie Denise Allen
brought to us on this day, March 28, 2009