Sunday, July 3, 2011

The THOUGHT LOOP........

then, Leslie looked at me IN SHOCK and said 'you mean they don't have Chinese toilets (squatty potty) in America?'!!! 

I guess that's a logical question if you consider they DO have American toilets in China.....well, at least they have a FEW American toilets in China!

Hannah .......clueless that American men, in general, do NOT wear makeup!   ;0

What a good sport you are, Jeff! (Keisha's father)

Nate DAILY:  'Aunt Lowie says OH MY SOUL!'

Nate had to settle for Pop-Carts for breakfast this morning!  He wanted pancakes and Syruck but we didn't have enough Syruck.  He then informed me that we should put the syruck in the cabinet NOT the cigerator!  One more morning disappointment for Nate........he had to drink orange juice instead of SPLITE.  He just LOVES Splite!

Well, things are looking up for Nate........he can't wait.........BLITT IS COMING!  BLITT IS COMING!!

And, speaking of 'coming' ........ we had a sweeeeet note awaiting our arrival home recently....

That Hannah.........ya gotta love her!!

HAPPY 4th of JULY from China!


  1. What about the out-house? So yes we do or we did.